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Call Borgo Casabianca to rent our historical villa in Tuscany

Villas for Rent Tuscany

Travelers from all over the world every year look for Tuscany villas for rent: among the historical villas in Tuscany, Borgo Casabianca is unique, both from the architectural point of view and from the point of view of the landscape.


This historical villa Siena has preserved all the features of ancient Tuscan farmhouses, whose positioning in space and designing of windows and doors were specifically chosen to take advantage of natural light, sheltering from the wind at the same time. The careful renovation the property has undergone has turned this centuries-old farmhouse in a beautiful historical villa in Tuscany.


The landscape that surrounds this tuscany villa for rent is truly unique: the clay hills of the Crete Senesi unwind around the building and the outdoor pool. When you look out from the window or relax under the sun you will be surrounded by a sight really different to replicate in other historical villas in Siena.


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