Ristorante La Tinaia

Un ristorante tipico dove gustare la vera cucina di Siena

The search for a typical restaurant in Siena is sometimes very hard: over the years, the city has filled with restaurants who prefer to serve a big quantity of guests instead of focusing on quality. At the restaurant La Tinaia at Borgo Casabianca we have chosenn a completely different approach .

At the restaurant La Tinaia, the typical food of Siena, Tuscany, is our strength. The chef has designed a menu based on what you would expect to find at a typical restaurant in Siena. The authentic dishes you will taste in our restaurant hotel Siena will make you feel you live in an enchanted past, where traditional flavors are still alive.

The premises of the restaurant La Tinaia of Borgo Casabianca Asciano retain the appearance of the ancient cellar. In addition to the memorable lunches and dinners of our traditional restaurant in Tuscany, we also organize tastings of traditional Tuscan products, many directly produced in our farmhouse: tastings range from cheese, oil, Cinta Senese pork, mushrooms, also in conjunction with the Tuscan wines of the area. The restaurant La Tinaia is located in area of Tuscany where wines like Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano and Chianti Classico are obtained.

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