Enjoy your tuscan experience, travelers and producers now sit at the same table

Craft Tuscany

We are conscious that we live in a wonderful Region, where people bring out their creativity by producing handcraft Excellencies. We do not organize simple tastings, but experential events whose purpose is the enhancement of the product and the knowledge of the crafters involved in its creation.
Our job is to tell and promote the Tuscan Excellencies, offering to tourists, travelers and local public tasting events as much authentic as unique, directly at the place of production or in exclusive locations across Tuscany.
Craft Tuscany offers consulting and marketing services in support of travelers, enterprises and tour operators active in leisure segments, business and luxury.

Activities directly at the Hotel or Villas

  1. Yoga experience on the meadow
    The teacher says " When you join one of the classes I offer, you will live a profound experience of connection and discovery, through the integration between yoga practices (poses, breath, meditation, relaxation, chanting) and elements coming from other arts and disciplines"
  2. Outdoor Fine Arts experience
    The teacher says " Fine arts experience learn people to know tuscan watercolor techniques. A relax laboratory where you will learn how to paint with "Acquerelli" method".

Experential event directly at the place of production

  1. The Holy Hop - Craft Beer experience
    Tuscany means also quality craft beer, brewed in stunning natural locations. Join our exclusive events. Taste and identify the different brewing technique paired with typical Tuscan products."
  2. The Holy grape - Winery tour
    Special and unique tasting organized at the places of production of the best Tuscan wines. Wine masterclass hosted directly by the maker or a qualified professional paired with typical tuscan products. You can choose between Chianti, Nobile, Syrah, Brunello and Orcia wines."
  3. Tuscanlovers/ 1 - Truffle experience
    Enjoy a Craft Tuscany truffle hunting experience directly in a farm of Tuscany. Taste chianti wine and local products with truffle."
  4. Tuscanlovers/ 2 - Saffron Experience
    Enjoy a Craft Tuscany saffron experience directly from producers at San Gimignano. Taste pasta with saffron and vernaccia wine."
  5. Tuscanlovers/ 3 - Meat of Val di Chiana Experience
    In Val di Chiana there are important breeding of cattle and pigs. We bring you at selected farms for the Chianina beef and Cinta Senese tasting experience

- Transfer service, tourist guide or additional service on request. Personalize your experience in Tuscany. This is our land so we can suggest you also the best place for relax, shopping and take pictures -.